Bryan David Kearney

User Experience Designer

Bryan David Kearney

User Interface Design Process

User Interface Design is often paired and confused for User Experience Design. When designers practice both disciplines, it very important for them to distinguish the difference and why UX needs to come before UI.

In the simplest terms possible, UX is logic and UI is the art. If logic is not secured first, a lot of design effort will be wasted.

Using a Style Guide and building it into a Design System can improve consistency, speed delivery and establish guides that can be used by other departments such as marketing.

DESIGN: Drawing in a sketch books is first step, it is fast and eliminates costly design decision making when digital begins too soon

DESIGN: Exploring variations when digital design begins is almost like the first round of testing. bringing in a QA Manager at this stage leads to great collaboration

DESIGN: Providing an anatomical drawing show subject matter experts what and how design decisions were made

DESIGN: When anatomical drawings are made, variations for different contexts can be seen clearly, often it is removing unneeded data

DESIGN: Drawing out the interactions soothe fears from Product Managers and Developers because the true scope of work is discussed

DESIGN: After significant discussion, digital design can be optimized for rapid prototyping with nested symbols in Sketch

DESIGN: Designing a component that is used throughout the entire application, showing the complete interface helps guide development

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