Bryan David Kearney

User Experience Designer

Bryan David Kearney

PulseCloud Case Study

Lead User Experience Designer – December 2015 to Present

At Pulse Systems, I am responsible for improving the User Experience, the User Interface and Front-End code quality of three web-based medical applications, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management and Clinical EHR (Electronic Health Records).

My User Experience Design Process focuses on asking lots of questions, listening to experts who do a great job every day and making sure our applications makes a tough job easier. My tools are Personas, Journey Maps, Sharing Whiteboards, UX Audits, Sharing Designs, Making Prototypes and User Testing.

PROCESS: Personas help a designer gain understanding.

PROCESS: Journey Maps show how Personas work together and uncover common goals

PROCESS: Sharing whiteboards with experts, use different colors to denote links, directional information, text to guide stakeholders through decisions.

PROCESS: Whiteboards showing interaction by drawing hover states, tool tips and open drop-downs

PROCESS: During a UX Audit, focusing on filters, there was no unity and users did not know where to begin, labels were not limited and made drop-downs unruly. Gather lots of realistic example data at this stage

PROCESS: Sketch files are useful for making multiple versions and exploring variations

PROCESS: Showing a high-fidelity design from Sketch that is isolated from the rest of the user interface can focus the attention of an audience for feedback

PROCESS: A Sketch design within the context of the full application informs the stakeholders and confirms design choices for InVision

PROCESS: From Sketch to InVision, single images are synced to a clickable prototype for greater design collaboration

PROCESS: From InVision to Maze a clickable prototype is now ready for user testing from stakeholders and beta testers to ensure the product works as expected

  • Role User Experience Designer

  • For Pulse Systems Inc.

  • Date June 2018

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