Bryan David Kearney

User Experience Designer

Bryan David Kearney

Firemon Case Study

For Firemon, I helped craft a new navigation, dashboards and a data tables for a suite of applications. Security Manager was the primary application.

Firemon Navigation: Three applications shared a navigation structure, that allowed for networks and devices to be shown a 100% width to fit all screens resolutions.

Form design is crucial to Firemon for network and server configurations

Forms are set within is grid system for consistent and easy layouts

Tables needed better features like multiple functions, filters and descriptions

Each application had a Dashboard, some with live status of devices

Large data tables show hundreds of firewalls and other devices on a network

Forms allow for configuration of properties for connections

Flowchart for Policy Planner Software

Diagram for Firewalls

Dashboard design for a Domain showing charts and KPIs

Rule Usage and Failures

Data Table for Changes

Policy Optimizer

Policy View

Security Rules

  • For Firemon

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