Bryan David Kearney

User Experience Designer

Bryan David Kearney


I was responsible for HTML and CSS as well some light-weight site management with Ruby on Rails scripts for deployment with Capistrano. We used Git for version control.

The font page held up to date information on Kashi's products and events.

The micro-sites that were part of Kashi's branding strategy allowed flexibility in design and good recognition. Here, the Real Food effort really stands out.

More branding of the micro-site Real Food with some clever invented typography..

Adding a highly styled additional row of navigation at the top, did not interfere with the site's overall main navigation. This shows off features like a poll, and a ingredient finder.

Kashi gives the consumer a tool to learn more about natural ingredients in the Kashi Ingredient Decoder.

Another feature Kashi was proud to display was a sense of community by allowing consumers to share their thoughts on natural foods.

Many of the Kashi's features and tools grew their user base substantially, amking future developments easy to share.

A quick look at all the micro-sites that Kashi had developed. Here, Real Food is high-lighted.

A detailed example of Kashi's efforts to educate the consumer, showing that healthy choices are informed ones.

Kashi was eager to share their message and values, showing more awareness in marketing driven food industry.

More information on how the community perceived the features that Kashi employed for their users.

Having a strong user is only made strong by linked to social media and broaded their message. It's fun to share with others a good, healthy experience.

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