Bryan David Kearney

User Experience Designer

Bryan David Kearney

Solidify Software

I completed User Interface design and front-end development for a software company developing health insurance and employee benefits enrollment. Written in Java, I worked with the developers in SpringSource by vmware and used Tower for Git version control.

A dashboard for employees to manage their benefits and for brokers, carriers and human resources to deliver news about coverage, benefits and updates.

Statistics for human resources departments using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

The first task that I gave to myself was to have clean, easy to read typography and consistent design for forms. Heavily influenced by Luke Wrobleski's book "Web Form Design" I knew the key to a great experience was to have simple, clean forms.

Large, yet tasteful buttons with high contrast colors guide the users. Meanwhile a very lean accordion control without an over use of icons, keeps powerful functions close at hand.

A very unique approach to security was the requirements for the user interface itself. Searching displayed each page with just enough information, keeping prying eyes away. Here just the "Smiths" are being displayed at ACME insurance.

Moving from design to markup and style included plans for responsive design.

Quick glances keep the user organized and informed. With the iPad the enrollers can use an HTML5 local storage to walk up to employees and enroll them

Adding elements more typical of a marketing based website such as rotator added value of keeping current users up to date and new users informed of deadlines for enrollment crucial to the benefits management.

An HTML5 rapid prototype built to demonstrate to the client how custom needs and branding can easily be included.

Easy to theme the application to help carriers and brokers brand the experience as their own.

  • Role User Interface Designer

  • For Solidify Software

  • Type User Interface Design

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